Winter Breaks

by Bop Alloy

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Orpheus It's surprising to find a Christmas album I actually like. I 100% enjoy this! It's still fresh. Favorite track: A Celebration.
Alpaca Salad
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Alpaca Salad Spending my winter in Tucson and this album feels so relevant and true to life, especially the track Hottest Christmas On Record. Nice work!! Favorite track: Hottest Christmas On Record.
Blake Ellison
Blake Ellison thumbnail
Blake Ellison Substantial's rhymes and Marcus D's beats each reach new peaks. 6 tracks seems short on the label but this has all the heft of a full-length album. Favorite track: Longing For Nia.
Anmσl thumbnail
Anmσl This album is a great addition to Bop Alloy's discography! To me it sounds like young Substantial meets Wise & family man Substantial. With each project Marcus D seems to get more well-versed in the Jazz melodies but with the additions of new and eerie sounds that carry nostalgic vibes. This project will be on repeat for the holidays & then some. I hope Bop Alloy experiments some more with these types of sounds! Blessings & Happy Holidays!

Favorite Track: Longing For Nia/Resolutions Per Minute
Guy Togbenou
Guy Togbenou thumbnail
Guy Togbenou As usual sweet intrumentals and a lively flow combined into a well crafted EP Favorite track: Spent.


Independent Hip Hop duo Bop Alloy will release their first holiday project on December 9, 2014. In February 2014, Bop Alloy was able to fund their 2nd LP, ‘Another Day in the Life of...’ using Kickstarter. The initial goal of the project was $7000. They more than doubled that amount in under one month and issued stretch goals, one of which included a holiday EP which would become ‘Winter Breaks’.

‘Winter Breaks’ compiles 6 sonically vintage Hip Hop tracks. Producer, Marcus D handles the live instrumentation mixes masterfully while infusing jazz, soul and a pinch of Afro beat samples. Lyrically, Substantial touches on the personal, social, and economical effects of the Holiday season, using thoughtful lyricism, wit, and a variety of flows to paint a different portrait of Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s.

“I wanted to do something that wasn’t a traditional Christmas/Holiday album. I celebrate Kwanzaa as well and I set out to make songs that give you a peek into this underexposed, wonderful world”, says Substantial.

“Regardless of how you celebrate, what you celebrate, and/or who you celebrate it with, this is the best time of year, and I think ‘Winter Breaks’ embodies that sentiment without the cliche "holiday raps factor”, says Marcus D. The ‘Winter Breaks’ EP is sure to be the only holiday music you’ll be playing from now through February.


released December 9, 2014

All songs written, produced, mixed and mastered by Substantial & Marcus D.


all rights reserved



Bop Alloy

Bop Alloy, comprised of Maryland born emcee Substantial and the Seattle, WA producer Marcus D, haven't set out to be the next group with a throwback sound, but to "make quality music that anybody, from any walk of life can enjoy," says Marcus.


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Track Name: Let The Flakes Fall Where They May
So... so... so chill
So chill

Let them fall, let them fall, let them fall...
'Til they rise once more
(Repeat 1x)

The Fall finally fell
Commencing the coldest winter ever
Slipping into a mighty slumber
Eventually Springing back into action
Only taking a seat in the throne it once occupied
After realizing that it was a Sum of her or his failures and triumphs
And when the sky is your only limit…
There is always room to grow.


So chill we put the bur in December
Ensuring your winter is cooler than the use so you’ll surely remember
How too dope this is
Like your first white Christmas or mistletoe kisses
Never had the latter but had my fam’s love
When we were a man down I managed to man up
In a cold world, ice age post mammoth
Hard not to slip, even harder to stand up
But I never been a fan of excuses
Made a couple but, as a man they are useless
Weight’s cumbersome but struggle has its uses
Many profit from and discover what their truth is
Til we return to the essence...
Remember that the greatest present that a father can give is presence
Til we return to the essence...
Remember that the greatest present that a parent can give is presence
Track Name: Hottest Christmas On Record
Chuck a deuce to the cold
‘Cause your dude trying to go
Where degrees never freeze
Sixty two be the low...
...and the winters are tame
All I want for Christmas is some tickets baring my name
Rather chill where it’s warm I’ll provide the cool
Not a flake in range whole sky is blue
Big sis scooped the fam where we riding too
She replies we can do whatever you tryin’ to do
Bet that. Out here snow never a set back
Plan to have an early winter tan when I get back
Strictly chillin in the figurative sense
Plus I caught a whiff of an open grill by the fence
Some may assume it’s May or June ‘cause the feelings immense
Hipped your dude a year or two ago been missing it since
Now I swap my winter coat for a White Tee
Cup of hot cocoa switched with some Iced Tea
Shaping up nicely…

Not quite Summer fam
But this a different type of winter wonderland
And almost 80 degrees
Inside evergreen outside there's palm trees
And it feels kind of ill
The smell of winter been replaced by a grill
Don't get no better
Hottest christmas ever on record and we out’chea!

No skull hats, long jawns or Timb boots
Just sweats, short sleeve tops & gym shoes
F! a snowman & snowballs I’m so gone
Coppin’ snowcones or hitting up Coldstone
Might even call home to rub it in a bit
They like “Young, you so wrong… you know that you ain’t sh…”
I’m like aww man, come on you could made the trip
But ya didn’t so long we bout to hit the strip
Bout to dip with the windows down feelin the breeze
Feel like Spring but there’s Christmas lights still in the trees
Feel at ease... couldn’t wait for winter break, see
Did it right to ensure that winter didn’t break me
Looking like we waited for this moment all year
Smiles all around ‘cause the fam’s all here
No one or cloud throwing shade, all clear
Egg Nog in the cooler it’s normally all beer.
Aww yeah!


Back home it’s so cold,
More of the same is lame and so old
So I’m rollin’ (where the skyline’s blue)
And golden, (so much more to do)
Head to the backyard or the park
Grill to the sun go down and it’s dark
Then the next morning, (watch the kids open gifts)
I’m soaring (Nothing quite like this)


Orlando we see you
Miami we see you
Honolulu we see you
San Diego we see you
LA we see you
Phoenix we see you
Tuscon we see you
New Orleans we see you
Track Name: Resolutions Per Minute
What you gonna do? What you gonna change
Try something new or remain the same?
Will you follow thru or give up like a lame?
Time to start again. 90 RPMs
(Repeat 1x)

Trying to better myself every year but falling short
Should do it for growth but i focus on cheers I long support
Probably should cut back on all of the beers that I had bought
Lessen my eff-ups and get some clearer-minded thoughts
Clearly, I am fault but hear me, I’m a sport
That’s making some new resolutions I fear or all for naught
Smeared what I’ve been taught. Steering toward folk
On the road to perdition, frontier of all the lost


She wanna be ready for beaches, that’s why she barely be eating
Depriving her body of anything Godly impressing these heathens
Any new diet she find on a blog she pledging allegiance
Get any smaller and she will dissolve, what is the reason
Blind like a venetian, crying from all of the teasing
This ain’t attack on a titan she fighting her inner demons
Trying to pick up the pieces, finding what she’s been seeking
Promise to finally love her true self... ‘Tis the season


(Some people be like)
I will quit smoking, I will tweet less, work out more
Manage my debt, manage my stress, play a new sport
Volunteer, travel abroad, even recycle
Learn to knit, get a good job, study my bible
Go on more dates, meet some new people, try not to boast
Get laid, get married, probably both
Fix up my home, have a baby, get a new hobby
Read a lot more, hang outdoors, other guys be
Like “This is the year to put it in gear and soar
Can’t tell you what’s different but listen this isn’t the year before
Cause I had a vision of living a life that meant much more
Taking a chance to dance at the top won’t be ignore
I ain’t ever stopping, failure ain’t a option
Said to hell with caution, walk the trail no talking
Principles to live by, no more resolutions
Excuses replaced by fruitful execution

Track Name: Spent
My favorite holiday is Christmas
Though I hardly qualify as Christian
Got that good hair 'cause I'm part Indian
Plus whole fam go hard at Thanksgiving
If I'm missing it's cuz I'm lined up
Trying to give'em my business before its marked up
Stiff arm shoppers like it's all mine what
Boy dem deep discounts done got me fired up
Don't fool with Kwanzaa dog it's so wack
They don't even do gifts and I ain't pro black
Man I'm pro green and I gots to get it
Second that I got it I gots ta spend it
All brand names, I’m looking splendid
Yall got no class like yall got suspended
Bling for misses copped my son Batman
All praises due to jolly old fatman, Amen!

Man it just don’t make no sense
I can hardly pay my rent
All this doe that I done spent
Out here trying to cop these gifts
Just don’t make no sense
All these festivities got me spent
Times are hard so hard we went
Almost spent up every cent


If my girl copped me a wack gift then we’re thru
Might take back all that I copped for her too
To be my boo and worthy of praise
Need a PS4... plus some new Js
I’m out here burning up doe real wreckless
Swapped my check with a diamond necklace
Nothing like diamonds to say “I love her”
When you tryna slide her the stocking stuffer
I know money can’t buy me love but
I’m seeing more action Ji’like, somewhat
Screwed like a lugnut when my funds shrank
My account’s blank, no cash in the bank
No gas in my tank Mrs. Clause leaving
Nothing left to give, she done receiving
No longer present, yet it’s a wrap... ironic
Searching for gift receipts as I sip my tonic


They talking ‘bout boycotting Black Friday
If I had my way, it would be 5 days
Then they talking ‘bout supporting Black business
I’m like it’s called Black Friday.. isn’t it
Alright, I know that a tad too ignorant
But I’d like to know why on earth should I give a ish
When a TV worth a G’s now three… hundred
Everything in me say hit the street running
Then they say we’re that second class citizen,
But we’re the first to give up all my dividends
Outside of the neighborhood that we are living in
Meanwhile our life’s treated like it’s insignificant
Sure plenty times the service be dreadfool
‘Cause we ain’t really customers, thought of as a threat fool
And the folks our tax pay to serve and protect us
Most don’t do either let alone respect us
So why should I care about a holiday special
Tryna save a dime, when we need to save our self
Too many of us dying and we funding movement
They gonna kill your cousin, you ain’t gon’ do ish?!
Who the real menace? Ain’t hard to call it
But some of the ammo to fight back’s in your wallet
They don’t worship prophets they worship profit
Make them the target and hit them in the pocket

Track Name: Longing For Nia
When I was little I had plenty of dreams
But football & art stayed at the top it seemed
The peak before I reached mine still doubt I have yet
Studied greats, took notes like I’m stealing tablets
Placid. Hadn’t a clue of why I was here
Long as fun exceeded the total amount of my tears
Years pass and peers flag my dreams with jeers
And soon my vulnerable mind appeared to be drowning in fears
Plus I was broken up physically
But what really stopped me was they got to me mentally
To be or not to be is my quandary, picture me
Smoking opposition like Barbeque, Hickory
Flawless victory what would you have done
Should’ve been a track star all I could do is run
Done playing on the field but still playing the field of dreams
But football star no longer seemed real to me


Still ain’t sure what I’m here for
‘Cause sports faded from the plan in my mid teens
Though art was still apart of the scheme I’m writing rhymes, part time
Trying to hop on the scene I won’t be ignored
Wasn’t hard to make green creativity
And drive made my hustling keen, couldn’t stop me
I was just spreadin my wings, trying to live out my dreams
Wanted to live like Akeem and King Jaffe
Raps on point but my grade’s obscene
Momma saying I should join the marines I mean the army
She think no college probably want a kid like me
I told her let them see my art and we’ll see. Shouldn’t doubt me
Meanwhile, teachers taking me to schools to speak
And show my work, yo these youngin’ were me but even better
Saw I made a difference later on when they would visit
Then join the school I attended, look, another new beginning…
Eh ma, by the way, peep this Pratt acceptance letter
Never say never.


Now as a man, Stan managed to stand
On my own when life was sketchy ‘cause I drew up a plan
To combine my art and music and expand my brand
Giving back to my students and of course the fans
I’m sure my purpose is service
So I see our challenges and work it out the best I can
Below the surface, don’t do it for the vine or cam
Fronting for a little backing never part of the plan
So what you here for? Me? Busy chasing down these dreams
When they close enough to see I be like “there it go” Got’cha!
Never will I knock a-nother trying to discover
Their path and where it leads. We travel at different speeds
Battle until we bleed when it’s looking rather bleak
Courage gather from deep til grasp what we seek
Long for it like Nia but Nia is what we needed
Some will chase it forever and may never get to see it
(Most don’t see what I see / Most don’t hear what I hear)

Track Name: A Celebration
We celebrate a week long
Gonna get our eat on
Many things we'll speak on, elevate minds
And spirits is the reason
That we gotta keep on
‘Cause ‘tis season to congregate. Shine!
Headed to my man crib
Where the whole fam is
Together we banded since the days of old
Families expanded
Gave our parents grandkids
Unified we’re standing reaching our goals
Elders, children
My peers in the building
To those no longer living we say ashe
Pouring libations
Peaceful faces
Soulful vibrations made my day
Talk of better tomorrows
Life with less sorrow
A place where all folks value our lives
Fam and my next of kin
Chillin’, no flexin’
Counting our blessings, watching our wives... do the same

It’s all about (Family)
It’s all about (Community)
It’s all about (Culture)
It’s all about (Life)
Repeat 1X

We celebrate (Family)
We celebrate (Community)
We celebrate (Culture)
We celebrate (Life)
Repeat 1X

Strengthening our bond as we thank the divine
Moving our people forward a day at a time
Speaking to our problems, making time to listen
Commemorate our past, restoring our traditions
While creating new ones… for instance
To my daughter Kwanzaa’s as normal Christmas
Gotta give her more if her future’s to be brighter
That’s my true duty as her father & provider
See her with her friends taking pride in her history
So overjoyed like witnessessing victory
Seeds making crafts while we chat ‘bout progress
You’d be hard pressed to hear us spatting out nonsense
Watching candles burn as we countdown the days
Greeting you with peace followed by the phrase…
“Habari gani?” Depending on the day
One of these 7 principles is what you would say
Follow me now..
Umoja, Kujichagulia, Ujima, Ujamaa
Nia, Kuumba, Imani
Repeat 2x


I know when times get hard
We put all our faith is God
You still gotta elevate with me
Still gotta celebrate with me

‘Cause until we work as one
You know our work’s far from done
You know you gotta elevate with me
You know you betta celebrate with me

We see that times are bad
And it’s got us fighting mad
I need you to elevate with me
Really need you to celebrate with me

Stand up and lets rise
Open up your mind and eyes
So you can elevate with me
I want you celebrate with me

It’s all about (Family)

We celebrate (Family)

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