by Bop Alloy



A collection of songs (and the instrumentals) recorded and released before Substantial & Marcus D became Bop Alloy. Although, most of you Bop Alloy die-hard fans probably have these songs, you certainly didn't have all of the instrumentals until now. Enjoy.


released September 7, 2010


all rights reserved



Bop Alloy

Bop Alloy, comprised of Maryland born emcee Substantial and the Seattle, WA producer Marcus D, haven't set out to be the next group with a throwback sound, but to "make quality music that anybody, from any walk of life can enjoy," says Marcus.


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Track Name: I'm Here ft. Kokayi & Gods'Illa
Verse 1: Substantial
I’m anything you need me to be at any moment
Whatever you need it’s yours if I own it
I’m a provider, protector, a mentor
Your shelter, a warm fleece blanket in the winter
A helper, your personal assistant, your trainer,
A nagger, your very own personal complainer
Your counselor and the president of your fan club
Never been a child more worthy of this man’s love
Your life coach, sensai, teacher, si-fu
Your very own griot, a king that’ll lead you
On a righteous path as we ward off evil,
Haters, naysayers, and fake people
Your co-creator and your go to guy
Until you find someone to go with and hop that broom
But not too soon little baby of mine
You got so much to do take it a day at a time

Verse 2: Truth
If it’s a baby let it grow that’s what my pops told me
So she grew to be beautiful, so lovely
Kind-hearted, young girl with good spirits
Charisma is the reason I relate to these lyrics
And fatherhood is like a unique challenge to stay on balance
And exceed far beyond the average
I can’t understand when the men do them abandonment issues
And run away from children that miss you
There’s no other thing that compares to this
Being a daddy its, just like life at its simplest
Children are the gift of a lifetime, they carry your lifeline
I know you love your daughter, she like mine
Or even if she not ‘cause she yours and that’s of course
The greatest part, and that’s why we raise ‘em with a heart
Damn right, life ain’t no crystal stair, there’ll be some mistakes there
Cant promise perfection but my best yeah

I’m here…And baby I ain’t going nowhere
I’m there…Through the good and the bad ‘cause I care
And you know…To my love nothing really compares
As you grow…I’ll make sure that you’re properly prepared

Verse 3: Ace
Ummm, let me see, damn I cant remember
A time when I felt something like this feeling
Like a renewed living, to change why I’m here
Know you gotta eat so I’m definitely prepared
Though the time took less than a year
Every schedule in my lifetime cleared from the moment you appeared
Like 2 months before you’ll be delivered
Practicing my holding techniques in the mirror
Mother laughing at me, keep saying I’m getting weirder
Guess its ‘cause I’m livid, excited ‘bout meeting our new spirit
Anything that you need, got a ticket
Fly you in on everything I know, with the quickness
Building wit your uncles, get a wind of the experience
Just an idea of it, knowing nothing like, really living it
But whatever’s required, I’m giving it
The power of creation, it can redefine living…

Verse 4: Kokayi
Poppa Large, big shot of the home coast
Mr. Butter the bread that’s waffle and wheat toast
Ego booster
your number one fan
Stacking these bricks so on a foundation you stand
Your main investor, your room inspector
Mr. Look it up in the dictionary, ya’ need a firm answer. Ya’…
Shoulder to lean on, your band-aid for knee scrapes
I’m here to wipe away the tears when your cheeks need a break
A house in the storm, a light in the dark
I’m trying to give you the tools love to build your own ark
To… sail the seas and traverse this life
I’ll show you how to use to use the compass young but I can’t drive
Here to son you son on how to treat the opposite sex
And Princess, what it means to be shown respect
You’s a king and queen
Your futures is bright
It’s so much to do, take it a day at a time love

I’m here…And baby I ain’t going nowhere
I’m there…Through the good and the bad ‘cause I care
And you know…To my love nothing really compares
As you grow…I’ll make sure that you’re properly prepared
Track Name: U Were There (feat. JsouL) [Remix]
HOOK (JsouL)
I’m so happy that you’re there for me,
When I need someone to care for me
Through the good and bad.
I’m so thankful that you bare with me.
Someone like you is a rarity
That everyone should have…
Somebody like you by their side
When everyone else runs and hides
You were there!
And you still are!
You are there!
You’re never too far, never too far!

V1 (Substantial)
You were there when I was digging thru the couch looking for change
There, back when all of my outfits were looking lame
It’s clear that without you around, life wouldn’t be the same
Kinda weird like trying to get in the picture without a frame
To hold it together
I know forever sound insane
When we’re separate it’s like trying to operate with half a brain
When I needed peace of mind
You would add a piece to mine
Now my whole view of relationships has been redefined
You were there when I was sleeping on floors but didn’t feel odd
Without a home, would rock shows then use your meal card
There, even when I got my first real job
Here when I gave them my notice so I could focus…
On this rap s**t, finally make a career out of a habit
but you always knew that your man was flier than bat s**t
Way hotter than that s**t,
But you kept me grounded
You were there before the pioneers and artists I get down with
Before I was surrounded by these leaches and these groupies
When I would go on tour and leave you the keys that’s to my hooptie
You never seemed too boushie or too ghetto
But I brought the hood out you with a little Amaretto
Which reminds me…
You were there every time I said I’d never drink again
There when I’m driving, while I’m vibing, I would need a pen
You wold write my lines for me in the book of rhymes
Sure the verse would be too gritty
But the words would look too pretty
Only you!


V2 (Substantial)
It’s like you were always there when I needed you to see me through
Ride or die by my side like you’re shotgun in my vehicle
Without a doubt I’ll be with you forever and a day or three
Crazy as I am, you might be crazier to stay with me
Everything you seem to do be crucial to our unit
So the least that I could do is hold you down when you’re going through it
That’s you for me, and me for you, don’t mean to sound so corny
But to pretend like theirs anything realer than us is phony and you know me shorty

Oh yeah, oh…
You know that
We go back
Like throwbacks
We hold that
My heart is
So open
So open
I’m hopin’
We rollin’
Til times end
Girl you know that my throne’s your throne
Girl you know my house is your home
And everything that I own you own
Til the very end!


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