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Another Day in the Life of​.​.​.

by Bop Alloy

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    A Side
    1) Coming Home featuring Steph The Sapphic Songstress
    2) Why Not? (T.F.W.N.N.)
    3) Another Night At Club Family
    4) Count On Us featuring Steph The Sapphic Songstress

    B Side
    1) Step Into The Cypher featuring Cise Starr of CYNE
    2) Writing My Wrongs featuring Justis
    3) Autumn Leaves featuring Pismo
    4) The Proposal

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    Includes unlimited streaming of Another Day in the Life of... via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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We do it for real Repeat 4x VERSE 1 We’re not your average underground Rap group frontin’ like we’re down With everyone that come around Or show up on a blog But something unique & profound Working to perfect our sound
Kings without a need for crowns Like the son of God We ain’t aiming to be Hell bound Like these other sell outs Watch’em you can tell how They’re whoring for applause (Not too many will reach our level Spread your wings come fly with us) You’re lovin’ how we put it down Feel free to sing aloud Watch how we move the crowd
Like Rakim Allah Marcus let the rhythm hit’em I provide the lyricism Disregard the criticism Do it how we want
Puttin’ plenty soul up in it Been ill for a minute They were hoping that we’re Fin(n)ish Like we’re from Vaasa (They fear us ‘cause we are rebels But it’s all love when you rock with us!)
 HOOK VERSE 2 We don’t do it for a rack of pay, To receive accolades Though it’s nice to gather praise This is ‘bout expression But it cost to have it made Somebody has to pay If you want the tracks we make To add to your collection Sorry but I have to hate Shady biz in rap today Not the best path to take As your profession (But if your skin is hard as metal You might be equipped to fly with us!) Every night I have to pray Several hours after 8 That the ends I calculate Justify the means Partner bout to graduate I got a little gal to raise But not enough to allocate Funds to all our needs Hope our plans coagulate And the fans advocate So success validates Us chasing our dreams (Keep on reaching for the next level May God blessings shine on us!) HOOK BRIDGE 
(Sample) Do it for the well educated and illiterate
Real and nonsense, conscious and ignorant Do it for the wealthy and the welfare recipient If you down, listen up, you out there, listen in
 VERSE 3 For well placed instruments, Flows that’s intricate And infinite Our growth’s imminent Need a bigger belt (We’ve out grown these children farewell They just can’t keep stride with us!) Whether the crowd’s intimate Or it is significant- ly larger, we’re killin’ it Cause we’re known to rip it well All for the feel we get Recalled from our innocence
Call it a stimulant We offer a little help Hardly coincidence Our songs make you reminisce Of times where a lyricist And DJ we’re rocking bells (They would drop, not just rock jewels Want that real come ride with us!) HOOK Do it for the real We do it for real Repeat 2x
VERSE 1 Wake up early in the morning bout a quarter to six Beat my alarm by several moments yo I’m yawning & shit Finally get up out the bed, trip over my kicks Plus I’m hungover maybe I’m calling in sick Nah, there’s this shorty at the office I’m longing to get Can’t kill the party for it’s started by calling it quits
So I hit the shower, then in an hour I’l hop in the whip First I grab my gear, then the grub and scarf it down quick (Ah) Got my tunes, keys, wallet (check) Can’t afford to leave all this Double back if I ain’t got it Then I’d be late into the office Always a little cautious I ain’t trying to take no losses Brush my teeth after I eat, so my breath don’t smell like sausage (pause) Get in the whip then I’m fixin’ to find something to listen to Preferably something refreshingly dope that’ll fix my mood Play it hella loud so the car nearby is sick of you Scroll for a second, there it is, I think this will do!!! HOOK It’s the B the O the P the A Double L the O the Y (Why not!) REPEAT 3X VERSE 2
 Sitting at my cubicle Today’s business as usual Like EPMD but I’d rather find something new to do Yeah I’m makin’ dollars but my job don’t make sense Blue in the face from this blue collar life I’m chasin’ Lookin’ forward to the weekend but the week it just started Gotta find some way To ease the pain While I get bombarded With shit that I don’t care about but you know why I came in To see all her Sweet torture The anticipation... Makin’ it hard to focus So I put my earbuds in In seconds I’m zonin’ Ain’t distracted by nothing My drive’s on a hundred No longer lethargic Vibe’s chillmatic feelin’ cooler than the artic The music I am lost in Trapped by the melody Slave to the rhythm, shit this good should be a felony Then shorty step to me Like “hey, sorry to bother you The way you’re nodding I just had to know what you are rocking to” 
HOOK BRIDGE Maybe you need a break from life Trying to change your state of mind and escape the fight Or you’re riding on subway late at night When the vibe’s all wrong, this’ll make it right 
 VERSE 3 Work week’s FINI And this week we got paid Bout to hit the city With a new friend that I made Haircut’s immaculate courtesy of my barber I would come with a scabbard if I was any sharper Scoop my dry cleaning and a purple gatorade Hit the crib to get ready then we’ll paint the town red Now I’m headed crosstown Droptop down Stuntin’ in a rental with my music up loud Turn it down a little as she’s coming out her building Damn! She’s the brightest star tonight out of billion Open up her door like the gentleman I am And you already know what’s on the radio fam... HOOK BRIDGE
VERSE 1 Listen... I am enveloped by the night air If there was somewhere better I’d still be right here As if the greatest poets had chosen to write here For that inspiration I’d journey a light year... yeah It’s that dope, only she’s it’s rival Fighting for attention like they need the title Of muse, who’s every move is vital To fill the void ensuring my joy’s survival And you boy’s entitled to a night out Sleep after the sun’s arrival like a night owl Enjoying her subtle smiles as we vibe out Aura and her sense of style raise eyebrows Swore I heard them play Miles as we dined out Spot I ain’t been a while we hittin’ right now I know she’ll be diggin’ the sounds, that’s without doubt Now we are funward bound, heading crosstown, lets go! HOOK Wake me up this can’t be real life... Can’t put it in to words but it feels like... Somebody wake me up this can’t be real life I can’t put it into words but it feels right... Right? VERSE 2 
Paid admission then got our drink tickets Smoke filled dark room, but the scene’s vivid Told her how I love it here and had to revisit She winked and says she’s game now I call that team spirit If she was any cooler, my dude she would seem frigid ‘Round chicks who’s description is all that a queen isn’t A lot of loose booty in here but their jeans fitted
Drink ‘til they reach limits then rock & lean with it HOOK VERSE 3
 DJ getting it in while I’m led by her waist She’s strictly diggin’ the gems got impeccable taste But make no mistake she’s not a gold digger But the type you could take with you to go diggin’ Both sippin’, malt liquor at a moderate pace While she busy deciphering the look on my face Devil on my shoulder saying things I won’t mention Angel on the other tellin’ me “don’t listen” Who knew, we’d be cold chillin’ like Juice crew For real though, rubbing elbows with the who’s who Mellow a player’s ball slick as Guru With my black magic woman, I’m bewitched by her voodoo like... Damn, damn, damn... HOOK
HOOK Hey!!! High!!! Hey!!! High!!! HOOK Everybody say hey!!! Let me see them hands high!!! Everybody say hey!!! Let me see them hands high!!! HOOK Hey!!! High!!! Everybody say hey!!! Let me see them hands high!!!
VERSE 1 Peacemaker Son of a violent man Dream chaser Raised on divided land Where thieves raped us Treated like I’m not a man Our behavior Like rebels without a plan Step false get offed by a coward’s hand Life’s shorter than an hour hand But the least of my worries is the Taliban Or hopin’ that they’ll pass an assault rifle ban Most guns where I’m from aren’t licensed fam The ones that are Usually held tight in hands By the cops and so called authority figures Cringe at my black skin while calling us nigger But 6 letters can't define me I'm so much bigger The path I walk, Most people can’t endure the rigor Back up talk By displaying so much vigor Mastered art The blind just ignore the picture Passed a tart But of course my portion’s bitter That or starve Cause round here they don’t deliver Grabbed a quart Rather be engulfed in liquor Lacked support And I wasn’t born a winner An afterthought These know-it-alls won’t consider A man of God Who sits upon a throne of wicker Who scratched & Clawed to reach the very point I’m sitting After-all That’s what fuels the poems I’m spitting HOOK (Substantial) I’ma take this pain I’ve been dealt with and use it This ship can’t reach the stars if I don’t fuel it Without my music and art I’d be useless I always knew I got to do so... I’ma take the pain I’ve been dealt and use it This ship can’t reach the stars if I don’t fuel it Without this music and art I’d be useless I always knew What I had to do 'cause...

 (Oma Pearl) You can’t hide from who you are You can’t hide from who you are Not even the highest peak The lowest place In every space You always leave a trace You always leave a trace Always leave a trace! VERSE 2 Blood pressure high, Self-respect low Could be cancer inside Am I’m scared to know Lucky to be alive At the age of 34 Livin’ in fast times Still manage to die slow IV pumping morphine in my bloodstream Woke with a scratchy throat & groggy what a rough dream Something’s Not right, nurse can you help me sit up Felt like I was stabbed, Every time I try to get up Hurt so damn bad, I can’t even cough this phlegm up Pain every minute Every moment that I been up When I told the fam They looked at me like I’m finished Huh! I’ll be damned if anything we’ll make me give up Wishing I was home in my chair Anywhere but here Baby girl completely unaware Lives without a care It ain’t fair When your child, you can’t even pick up But I did it for her, so I’ma keep my chin up HOOK BRIDGE (Oma Pearl) No matter what happens today Tomorrow the sun will rise We'll be there We'll be there We'll be there To greet the sun Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning
No surprise I’m the one they sleep on, I roll with dreamers But when us two come thru we make’em believers Fiendin’ thru your receivers when it’s all 3 of us For the love of the music, high 5 for Jesus In a Motel 6, wake up call at 7 Breakfast we ate later had these players in heaven By 9:10, I’m in a cab to the airport Boarding’s at 11, I’m not stressing so therefore It’s time to finish up this rhyme I’m 12 bars into Hold up... 13 now yeah this shit’s cool. Came up since 14 with a hissing ass demo 15 minutes strong though the songs were hella simple Finish that 16 then I crashed like a cymbal Sounding 17 again, I’m gon’ bodied that instrumental Night before, packed house. It was 18 an over Still would’ve been killed if only nine teens showed up We focused, in 2021 we may have more for you But still be underrated they say that’s a catch 22 We wanna be... rated the greatest like #23 But since our thinking’s too forward that’s something we might never see 25 mins before I board for my trip Hit my driver with $20 + a $6 tip Thinkin’ that I was 27 when I heard Marcus shit 28 when we began to plan the very start of it Dark skin chick tapped me saying , “I don’t know what’s on your mind. You’re holdin‘ up the line, by the way your gate is 29" “Purdy” lil’ 30 something sista from the motherland Thanked her for the info, passed the checkpoint with my stuff in hand Copped gum, snacks and a book for something to do Cashier said my total’s $31.32 Phone at 33%, my battery is lame Charged it and called my family ‘fore I boarded the plane 34 years young, making music with my friends Documented through a 35 millimeter lens Day and a half before, yo that’s when we hit the road Only 37 copies of our album in tow. One show they all go ‘cause they’re a hot commodity Imports plus shipping be like $38 a copy, B Finally boarded, near a guy who’s 39 or 40 By the time we’re in the sky I closed my eyes and started zoning... 
HOOK Just another day in this life of ours, homes
 Seems like we the ones that you can count on Feels right the moment they put the sound on Count on us to hold it down from now on REPEAT HOOK Drop on the 1 Clap on 2 Nod on the 3 This is 4 you Drop on the 1 Clap on 2 Nod on the 3 This is 4 you This is 4 you!!!
VERSE Tonight there’ll be blood on the dance floor So they won’t sleep on us any damn more Trying to step up in our house And turn the party out Like they don’t know what we’re about That’s the last draw Like an artist’s final sketch on his deathbed I ain’t gotta speak a word but the message Couldn’t be any clearer When bringing the terror With the moves I deliver I’m the best yet The crew’s far from new to this Move with the fluidness of Tai Chi Kinda like a high stewardess, Fly B And my style so mutinous, To try me Foolishness, you’re the stupidest, Likely And I’m a dance floor general The war that’s in store for y’all will be biblical Crying out Oh my God he’s invincible Far from typical always unpredictable FRESH! 
HOOK Ever dance with the devil in the pail moonlight Refusing to kneel ‘cause you’re ready to fight Warriors UNITE ‘Cause it’s on TONIGHT Wanna see who’s nicer? Step into the cipher!

(“Step Up” sample cut up)

Bboys (step Up) Bgrils (step Up) Why you sitting down right now better get up VERSE 2 (Cise Star) Cise Star in the building
 Hide wife and children They rapping with everybody over here killin’
 Dobeson just did another song made a million
 Yeah I got jokes me and Stan now chilling 
Hardcore b-boy stance black Sicilians 
Diamonds in your ears cause my words stay brilliant 
Don’t stop cause the cypher still rolling 
You were the next up now you in the crowd stoic Hiding behind don’t even want to get noticed Cause you like damn these brothers just owned it 
Just Hannibal taking on the Romans 
Lyrics hit hard like the boy in the Omen 
Made you jump like my name was Shonen 
Everybody wanna get down when I’m on it
 Like Lauryn who’s runnin The Score 
Cause I’m like a young Biggie in front of the grocery store… HOOK VERSE 3 (Substantial) Yo you better bring it, no cowards over here Train real hard for the battle of the year Keep my weapons sharp and dance without a care My arsenal is raw ‘cause I gotta be prepared No kitanas, nunchucks and such Hand 2 hand combat is rough enough Keep them windmills tight for you bust your gut Fascinating movements leave you like what the F---!
 Buckle up, we about to run a muck In our track suits, shell toes no button up Or ties but we mean biz so put em up If action speak louder than words we shut’em up Shut’em down like Flav & Chuck, they can’t hang with us You ain’t Starrs like Cise, you can’t Stand with Sub Chill, your offense ain’t ready for Marcus’ D Still breathin’ life in the artistry, peace. HOOK 

BREAK Give me a sec to tighten my shoes Watch when I hit the floor and I move No one alive is stopping the groove When the beat drops and I cannot lose 

BREAK OUTRO Ain’t no party like a BA party ‘Cause a BA Party don’t yield Get you hella live With your hands in the sky Or switch up the vibe And CHILL
HOOK Whether you can’t forget Or it’s not that big of a deal I could... (Never right my wrongs, less I write it down for real) So I swear (For real) It was my bad (For real) I could... (Never right my wrongs, less I write it down for real) Whether the issues dead Or you’re tryna find a way to heal I could... (Never right my wrongs, less I write it down for real) So I swear (For real) It was my bad (For real) I could... (Never right my wrongs, less I write it down for real)
 VERSE 1 This is... for every single person I hurt Whether it was unplanned or on pur- pose (pus) If I didn’t own up I’m worth- Less This is for.. Any girl I raised my hand to, ‘Fore I realized that ain’t what a man do
Thanks to my big bro, ya’ll know this manhood shit don’t come with a manual All them record stores that I stole from When I was flat broke and so young So I really can’t blame y’all when y’all find my albums and download’em Any of my brothers I stole on Should’ve turn the other cheek and rolled on But I mistake pride for self hate, I can now say I was so wrong
Forgive me 

 VERSE 2 (JUSTIS) Reminisce on my younger days Had hunger pains on those summer days Every man for himself like Hunger Games From a city where we don't see the sun for days Mama had one daughter, 3 sons to raise I was gone for days like runaways With a blunt to blaze Drugs I could slang to get money raised Couple of mistakes and it's judgement day Got cuffed up but I lucked up that the cop put the gun away Looking back now and it must be fate Set me free when he judged my case Could of been in the pen or could've been killed "I could never right my wrongs unless I'm write'em down for real" For real! HOOK VERSE 3 This for the times that I was dishonest Every single broken promise Treating you beneath the you, you are When you should be regarded as goddess For my student they laid to rest Many days I wept From the pain your death has caused Missed your requiem, Overseas blessin’ them May the most high protect your soul For them family functions I missed Missing your dap, hug, or kiss Hope you don’t feel dissed But you know the real is Pretty safe bet I was doing this Even though I be ripping and running From trying to be something, I know you exist I know you don’t see it But call if you need it Don’t wait til you’re out of your wits And for you haters, Sorry that we made it, on our terms not the ones they’re making so... Minor or major, don’t matter they’re paying as long we’re not the ones playing ho Chased down our dreams and we made it so, though we can’t be found on the radio But the realest, know where the real is that’s real ish most people just lazy yo Sorry we’re not more accomodatin’, yall worried about who the stars datin’ Times a wasting our apologies this bull shit’s dominatin’ So we’re concentratin’ on innovations not nominations With a small congregation to spread our gospel to the population! HOOK
HOOK (Steph)
 VERSE 1 (Substantial)
 To live a lie isn’t living, You gotta live the life you been given However you decide to the ending, You try’na make it like you envisioned Use to run & hide, Use to wanna die ‘Nuff tears cried we could swim in True self denied, No self pride Like you’re locked inside your own prison Try’na fight loose when they bind you So you’re free enough to go find you Got enough to say to write a novel But they’re limiting you to a Haiku They’ll condemn you with their bibles Tried to kill you with their rifles
Even hold you down with their titles Some of us hide for survival When you really know who you are what another thinks shouldn’t concern you But of course this is still hard when a person intends to hurt you Freedom comes with risk... no love without war What you thinkin’ buddy, gonna take it from me? Have to kick down my door ‘Cause my vision hasn’t been clearer, I am on a mission now I don’t fear much I won’t give in now, and I’m grinning proud when I see the man in the mirror So I welcome change like it seldom came, Very interested in what tomorrow brings Getting all this pain, slowly off my brain Now I see that there is so much more to gain HOOK VERSE 2 (Substantial)
 Some call you black , Some call you weird Some call you artist, Some call you queer Some never call, Some are in fear Some, when you speak, will never lend an ear Some, when you need, will never lend a hand Some are simply here to sabotage your plan Some call you different Some call you fam Their the sum of anyone that understands Come as you are, and they love you Couldn’t live false if you wanted to What’s in your heart, can’t undo Come too far, shouldn’t shun truth I had to run to another city, to find my true self what a pity 
Where they embrace diversity and don’t try changed you with scrutiny Because the skin of me and my kin is known to offend and treated as sin But black is beautiful and always in, that’s the way feel, I can’t play pretend That don’t make me better that just mean I love me In a world that loves to paint us ugly Can’t believe we live in a country That tells you who you love is disgusting Thought we lived in a free state But that’s clearly up for debate I don’t speak hate, I won’t behave I don’t give a damn if you relate I just want peace for the peaceful And the haters too ‘cause we equal For I leave you, I really need you To live your own truth, all my people SING...
New Dawn 04:13
VERSE 1 Boy meets girl then they start dating Love grows quickly though they’re patient Kindred Spirits, no relation Bond was strong before relations Trouble soon come... will they make it Ignored it’s allure, didn’t embrace it She brought joy, he’s so gracious Rarely does an angel grace us With their presence, he presents ring Their ain’t nothing like his everything Though they’re awesome on their own Would’ve been hard to make it alone Bought a house love made it a home Thoughts of a little one filled their dome Before their new child came to be Nothing could’ve prepared’em for the change they’d see Now they’re fussing & fighting everyday it seems Becoming further divided by the pain it brings Sharing comments that are rather unsavory Disrespected his partner quite blatantly Both of them grew tired of living aimlessly Cause they knew in their heart this ain’t the way to be Few are competent enough to rally gracefully But everybody fights for the thing they need!!! And he needed her Like she needed him and their baby needed them So they made it work Might’ve started with coals, Ended up with gems HOOK And just when you thought it was over We start over Baby hold up A brand new day is closer Will you show up Or fold up
 REPEAT HOOK 2ND HOOK Gotta crawl before you stand and Walk before you run Though the fall’s not part of the plan fam It doesn’t have to mean you’re done ‘Cause everyday is a fresh start Reset, refresh, renew!!! And you know what’s the best part It all comes down to you!!!
 VERSE 2 Voice meets beat while they were taping Trekked far east where ears were waiting Friend links beatsmith with MC To mesh fresh vocals to sick beats After being was flown overseas He was in studio 5 days a week No idea that they’d complete Something that touched souls with this LP They would fight as much as he’d write Trying to find compromise every night Creative differences severed their bond Not before creating over 30 songs Good eclipsed the bad that started to unfurl When they shared the music they had with the world Love songs, helping to spread the Hikari Like City Lights when the night isn’t starry Ain’t No Happy Endings to finish up this story Sub still Blessing it, Nujabes went to glory Home Sweet Home but the music lives on Through the peeps that Think different and stand on they own Like a young talented producer that came along 3 years prior, with fire and desire to make a song Good vibes and the beats were strong Sky the limit from the minute that our team was born 


HOOK (Pismo) It’s all about the journey Leaving and returning Breaking off... float around Autumn leaves, you and me Our colors of the season That blend for good reason Break away... night and day Autumn leaves VERSE 1 It’s like I reached that point where many folk lives get froze Instead I’m busy living most of my childhood goals Never stagnant, forever I’ll strive for more This elevator’s barely above the bottom floor And every level is worthy of exploration Please know that I don’t do it for no fake ass admiration I do it for the challenge I refuse to be complacent ‘Cause positive energy activates constant elevation Peace world! Been busy weighing all my options Love to rip it forever but that would defy logic So before I’m done rockin’ I’ma start this nonprofit To pass on what I love, just because I can’t stop it Man you know me!!! Transforming from a youngin’ to an OG And some day our new shit will be an oldie A true classic never dies at all sun I’m learning how to smile in Autumn Its kinda awesome

 VERSE 2 So many years painting our pain with these words Illustrating our struggle through songs yall might’ve heard If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words Amount I’ve used sharing my struggle has been absurd See what I’m saying Graffiti Art, Comm. D, & Printmaking So many tools to choose bout give in to temptation My career’s duration spent in recording studios Meanwhile the art studio has been vacant Honestly it’s home to my 1st creation My very first love, it appears that she’s patient Still got it, guess it was laying dormant inside of me Time to let it out and then hang it up in a gallery Maybe the next time that I hear from the Smithsonian It’ll be for my art they’ll be beggin’ for me to loan’em one huh... And that ain’t far fetched at all sun When you’re learning how to smile in Autumn Kinda awesome! HOOK VERSE 3 Nonbelievers still doubting their fears I seem to ignore Been many places I’m planning on seeing some more Top of the list, the very place my people were born That’ll be bliss... plan to bring the queen I adore Might return to BK when I finish raising my family Enjoy the quiet life but I kinda miss the insanity Difference is I can dip when the stress is compelling me And catch a flight anywhere when the spirits propelling me You ain’t telling me nada bout life being over Got youngins watching gettin siced bout getting older Wiser than I was and I’m freer than I been Got a lot of love, there’s no end to my ends Dream come true, then the next one begins A few fail through, overshadowed by wins And I’m still hungry for more sun Learning how to smile in Autumn Beyond awesome. Hook
The Proposal 03:28
Dear friend, It’s hard to separate truth from dreams A beautiful struggle discovering what love truly means And where it lives... A modest place, somewhere between Honesty & fantasy and only here they reconvene The hardest thing, I’ve ever done I’m doing now Putting feelings into words. Absurd to do without you. Whether far or close by Want you every single minute of each day that goes by Oh my goddess... I crave for the safety of your arms In harms way before this but you’re my fortress You and I are one like there are none before us Work hard everyday securing what I want for us. Dreaming of my future and my life with you Hoping I reap the benefits of your right to choose Just the thought of it sets a fire inside. Though my physical will, my love won’t expire with time. HOOK I’ll give it my best shot, Take a leap from the pinnacle Hoping that I reach even higher! See... I’m giving you this heart Faithfully but conditional Long as you keep it in entirety It’s yours! You inspire me It’s yours! You inspire me It’s yours! You inspire me And loves the only fuel that our fire needs. VERSE 2 You’re the reason I wrote this opus In a sea of lotus, you’re the one I notice I’m nervous of the outcome but it’s time Place your palms in mine Let our souls align Lock your eyes on mine. Can you see what they reflect? Or rather who? It’s simple really. The answer’s you But I didn’t have to ask ‘cause you already knew. No need to change or adapt, ‘cause you’re already you. The one that I was destined to find Your presence is a blessin’ one gets from the divine The way we reach forever is a step at a time Gotta consistently endeavor as together we climb To new heights HOOK VERSE 3 It’s difficult sharing my feelings but I put forth my best effort Immortalize it with music so this moment lives forever Like my feelings toward you since our first encounter Your spirit is uplifting in a world of downers Life’s hard, this world be can be cruel But I somehow escape the stress when I traverse it with you. I am blessed and I pray I feel this way as an old man For you I make a fool of myself screaming out “Oh damn” You can tell by my smile from time to time All else pails in comparison ‘cause you’re primed to shine Truth is everyday w/ you is like New Year’s Eve So my new year’s resolution's to be better. Except defeat... never. Work hard at it for the rest of my life. A life I’m willing to share with you... if that’s what you’d like? Accept this ring, become my bride to be? Make me the happiest man that I can be. HOOK I’ll give it my best shot, Take a leap from the pinnacle Hoping that I reach even higher! See... I’m giving you this heart Faithfully but conditional Long as you keep it in entirety It’s yours! It’s yours! It’s yours! You inspire me So will you spend the rest of your life with me
Yes it Is I back with my guy our styles collide Try to imitate or deny this fly shit we provide… Ya gotta be dumb, the lottery y'all just won, start turning them headphones up And feel the allure of what we record we can't be compared to none So called elite ones, Nor the cretins We see their hunger and they're bitin but none of 'em eatin Uh-un, don't care where you're from star you'll never be us My lyrics are mags and you'll need a rag to sop up their wack ass... Trust issues because music been misused, but we are the Vishnu Of this ish dude, our music uplifts you as you continue to climb And shine as bright as I’m or until stars resign Mind’s Einstein with rhymes fresher than thyme or pine Been in my prime with spittin design to give you classic tunes Get in our way get hit with this spray that gives you acid wounds Original man with lyrics and plans unlike these average coons Hurling these bombs, the world in palm, I’m bout to grab the moon Then I’ll get Mars, hit’em with bars, scratch that, harpoons Hit’em so hard, get visions of stars at 3 in the afternoon We puttin it down, ain’t fucking around with these rap baboons Don’t monkey around with none of them clowns national lampoon’s But we’re a national treasure, put that on your ledger, Make sure that it’s bold in capital letters, feeling like Hannibal Lecter It’s on should’ve been warned, yall are just entrees to us Far from the norm of what we perform, it’s just spontaneous I get lost in the moment, told‘em I am prone to black out Bars as good as gold and I’m the chosen, mo’ than what they rap bout To my father I am beholden, suppose that I would’ve told’em That I’ve been posin’... after the scolding probably would’ve got smacked out I don’t act out, I don’t act up I ain’t acting That ain’t what my life bout I am active, I’m bout action Fuck them what they chat bout need to wrap up all that rappin’ Runnin circles round these bamas man I’ll lap them and they’re faction… Facts friend!


released April 8, 2014

All songs written & produced by Substantial (Unlimited Vinyl, ASCAP) & Marcus D (Marcus D Productions, ASCAP)

Executive Producers: Substantial & Marcus D
Co-Executive Producers: Zack Edwards, Andrew Schoen, Andrew Thomas, Rodrigo Tapia, Alexander Lee & Cecil Rappold
Mixed by Vitamin D
Mastered by D-Sane
Art & Design by Stan B. Robinson
Photos of Substantial by Rachelle Etienne-Robinson
Photos of Marcus D by Sawyer Purman

Carolyn Malachi appears courtesy of Carolyn Malachi Legacy Brands (ASCAP)
Cise Starr appears courtesy of Hometapes / CLYDEMAX (ASCAP)
Justis appears courtesy of Himself
Kenichiro Nishihara appears courtesy of Unprivate
Oma Pearl appears courtesy of Herself
Pismo appears courtesy of Shou Records / GroundRhythm (ASCAP)
Steph, The Sapphic Songstress appears courtesy of Twelth Sign Publishing (ASCAP)

We’d like to thank God, our families, friends and fans (especially those who supported the Kickstarter Campaign that made the album you’re holding physically possible. -BA


all rights reserved



Bop Alloy

Bop Alloy, comprised of Maryland born MC Substantial and the Seattle, WA producer Marcus D, haven't set out to be the next group with a throwback sound, but to "make quality music that anybody, from any walk of life can enjoy," says Marcus.

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