Still Think Different / Save the Day [SINGLE]

by Bop Alloy



Label: elevation (Japan)

Side-A: Still Think Different
Side-B: Save The Day


released March 15, 2010

Lyrics by Substantial
Produced by Marcus D



all rights reserved


Bop Alloy

Bop Alloy, comprised of Maryland born emcee Substantial and the Seattle, WA producer Marcus D, haven't set out to be the next group with a throwback sound, but to "make quality music that anybody, from any walk of life can enjoy," says Marcus.

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Track Name: Still Think Different
QN5 Music think different
UVInk think different
And of course elevation think different,
And my man Tamashie think different
You know the whole DMV think different
And my fam in Japan think different
All my folks everywhere think different
Hand in the air if you still think different!

Some live in the moment or whatever
When I rhyme I strive to make these moments live forever
If you really want something timeless
Then you come and find us
Otherwise you’re looking for minute made rhymers
Don’t holla at your boy if you see what I’m saying
You’d realize that you’re really speaking to a man
‘Cause we are not the same, I’m not childish
I’m here to make music, y’all rather be stylish
I’m a hip-hop artist, you’re a stylist
When I rhyme I choose to use my 3rd iris
All you fools use is jewels and pure violence
Tell’em spit the truth to youth they choose silence
You’re so dead wrong and I live right
Y’all keep us in the dark but I give light
But this might prove to be useful
And help a little youngin’ do whatever they choose to

One love to all my real listeners
I do what I feel and I still think different
Don’t be fool by the cool, don’t bend to the trends
Just stay true to you ‘til the end my friends

And choose the road less taken
Or where your soul is could be a whole left vacant
I make music to feel the void
Some miss the point and tell me kill the noise
But I’m here to spread love you want to steal my joy
You known to fake moves, I’m the real McCoy
You still a toy, I’m a writer of rhymes
Plus an innovator, others bite the design
You mimic what you see but I act like me
I’m proud pop, you’re an absentee
Y’all the same folks that used to laugh at me
Now you wishing you were down with the faculty
We don’t make excuses, we’re making movements
The music made you but I make the music
Some think I’m foolish ‘cause I chase my dreams but I got to
It would only be foolish not to


I don’t front I just walk a lot
While you bamas like to stunt, plus you talk a lot
I’m here to change the world, you let the world change you
I can do anything you dwell on what you can’t do
And I hear hater yap but you take it as fact
I refuse to be defined by a lame like that
I’m nobody’s flunky, I’m a grown man
No jewelry that’s chunky, rather own land
Can’t succeed if you have no plan
Kinda like having a beach with no sad
I’m sure you remain uncertain
While you stunt all day I’m workin’
You represent nonsense I’m all about progress
Funny how they act like it’s bad to be conscious
Stop it
How can you sleep in these times
I open minds and eyes to the beat with these rhymes ya’know